About Us

We all love our pets. We do our best to make their lives as comfortable and happy as possible. However, at times, they need to be transported. Mostly out of necessity. Either for short-distance trips, such as visiting the vet. Or for long-distance tours, such as traveling to a farther location. This is when our pet needs the best possible way to be transported.  

Getting the best cage for our pet poses a problem for many of us. This is where our website means to help the most. We help our readers in the following.

  • Help them find the best possible cage depending on the type and size of the species they are to transport and on the type and length of their transportation.
  • There are specific cages for short-term and for long-term transport.  We help our readers to differentiate between these.  

A good cage has to provide absolute safety and comfort to your pet.  A long-distance cage has to have enough space for your pet to move around, to sleep, and to eat. There are specific cages for air transport, which can be incredibly stressful for an animal. 

We help our readers to connect with the best animal cage providers in their respective area.

Most animals get stressed out when they are in a cage. Especially when it comes to the first time, they are put in it. We also provide useful tips and information on helping our pet get used to their cage. We publish articles by vets about all the preparation your pet needs before travel, especially air travel.

We also want to help our readers find out more about international regulations on animal transport.  Laws and requirements are essential to know about before taking off, especially when it comes to international journeys. 

We hope to provide our visitors with comprehensive information about the best cages their pet needs. We also strive to give a helping hand for everyone to buy the best possible cage their beloved pet needs.