An Image showing a singing bird when kept in cage by its owner.

Caged birds never sing due to lack in freedom

Why caged birds cannot sing? We may have a dog, cat or even a tiger as a pet, but keeping birds as a pet is a bad choice. The birds never like to leave their flocks. We may call it as a one-sided relationship or […]
Posted on 5 years ago
Image Showing Cheetahs - Fastest land animal.

Five animals that cannot be caged

The survival of nearly extinct species inside cages We have to cage some animals to prevent them from getting extinct states the conversation department. The captive breeding programs are managing to save species from being extinct. Without providing captive breeding species like pygmy rabbits from […]
Posted on 5 years ago
Wildlife Zoo -where humans are locked up into the cage.

Animals need freedom not cages

Animals are born with freedom and not cages Animals have feelings and no one has given rights to humans to captivate a species for their joy and profit. Animals need pure freedom to roam rather than keeping them in cages to prevent them from being […]
Posted on 5 years ago
Image Showing a dog inside a crate that ready for transportation.

Transporting Your Pets Made Easy

When you are travelling, and you want to take your pets along with you, you need to ensure their comfort. Quite frankly, the quality of the time you spend along with the convenience for your family depends on this. If your pet starts misbehaving or […]
Posted on 5 years ago