How animals feel when kept inside cages

Image showing a tiger licking his legs when kept inside the cage.

Harsh effects of keeping animals in cages

The only difference between a human and an animal is the interpersonal communication that humans are capable of. A human can speak and convey what they desire. Humans are cruel to separate animals from their natural habitats for their happiness – Putting them in a cage and training them to perform in a circus for joyful weekends. Imagine if humans were put in the same conditions,With the gift of speech, humans would fight for their rights and self respect.

Hurting the feelings of a speechless species

The animals feel insecure and dejected when they are secluded from their family and natural life. Humans love keeping pets and abandon them when they grow up. The same adverse emotions of depression from a heart break are felt by the abandoned animals. Taking the example of a tiger, which is said to rule the forest with supremacy. The tiger is violated in more ways than one when it is brought to a circus and asked to dance and provided with food at specific times of day when in its natural instinct is to hunt.

A Close-up view of bengal tiger in cage.

What is the difference between a zoo and sanctuary?

A zoo can be termed as a venue for product exhibition. It is a place where humans walk free and animals are prisoned in their respective cages. But in a wild-life sanctuary, people have to travel in a safari to see the natural lifestyle of an animal. Wildlife organizations these days promote wildlife sanctuaries than zoos. In a zoo, the natural habitat of an animal is disturbed severely which affects the natural disposition of the animal later. The wild-life sanctuaries allow the animal to live in its natural way under the protection of the forest security guards called rangers.

Psychological effects of keeping an animal in a cage.

The psychological effects of keeping an animal in cage can be explained through an example. When a human being is given bail after being prisoned for a long period in the jail, he/she finds it extremely difficult to adapt to life outside the prison. They attend various rehabilitation centers to lead a normal life. Some commit suicide as they cannot adjust with the environment. The same goes for animals who are taken away from their natural environment to a cage.

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