Is it necessary to keep animals in cages?

Image of a bengal tiger starring outside from the cage.

Humans must not indulge in and disturb an animal’s natural life

The violation of animals are increasing day by day and it is becoming necessary to keep the endangered species captivated. Sanctuaries are increasing in numbers to save endangered species like tigers, orangutans and wild elephants. Poachers kill these animals for their body organs and some capture them to perform in the circus. Due to the increased risks, these animals are kept in protective supervision of forest departments and as a result, the number of captive animals is much more than the one living in their natural environment.

Some animals are on the verge of extinction if not kept in a cage. The animals raised in the cages have disabilities like missing paws and legs. They cannot survive in their natural habitat and hence are kept in cages by the wild-life protection departments.

Keeping endangered species in cages is the last step to save them

It is indeed wrong to keep animals in cages and sanctuaries, but sometimes it is the only way left to protect and safeguard the nearly extinct species. The sanctuaries stand as a fort for these animals and the workers at forest departments are soldiers saving them. The sanctuaries can educate people about such species and can minimize their urge to kill them. Generous people also make donations to help in conserving animals and the departments in succeeding in their goal.

The sanctuaries can prevent the extinction of a few species by allowing the animals to breed naturally and increase the numbers.

An Image of tiger looking sad inside the cage.

We can stop using animal products to save them

We cannot blame the poachers alone for the declining rate of the animal population. People promote them by using animal products. There are two types of people when it comes to forests. The first type wants to earn from nature by destroying it while the other wants to save it from being extinct. If actions are not taken today then it will not be possible to save many species from extinction in the coming years.

Use of animal products like leather made from the skin of the snake, Jackets made from bear’s hair and even wall mounted head of Elephants and Tigers are extensive currently.

It is absolutely necessary that ordinary people non-profit organizations and WWF and work with them mutually to stop the killing of animals and promote a healthy ecosystem. With the additional assistance of technology today, humans are the last hope for all the endangered species.

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