Caged birds never sing due to lack in freedom

An Image showing a singing bird when kept in cage by its owner.

Why caged birds cannot sing?

We may have a dog, cat or even a tiger as a pet, but keeping birds as a pet is a bad choice. The birds never like to leave their flocks. We may call it as a one-sided relationship or unwilling friends. Birds converse with each other in their language for various reasons. They may have some secret whispers which we are not audible about. They talk in discipline with letting turns for the other birds to converse. Birds love to dance, climb, play hide-seek, and involve them in social activities like spending quality time with their young ones. Bird watchers have seen some birds sliding on the snow bank for their amusement.

Birds use their intelligence and knowledge when they migrate from one country to the other. They find their way using the sun, stars, moon and the electromagnetic field of the earth. It is so amazing to us, that these creatures travel for thousands of miles every year accurately without any technological help.

We humans hurt their feelings by keeping them in cages

When we cage the birds, they start feeling depressed as they cannot amuse them in any way. Some people attach clips to their wings so they cannot fly. Flying for birds is as essential as walking for us.

Capturing birds in cages is illegal
According to the law act for wild-life creatures enforced in 1972 along with the amendment added in 1991, it is illegal to capture 1200 indigenous varieties of birds. We can find common birds like parrots, mynas, and peacocks in the bird market. Some of the foreign birds like African parrots, Australian love birds are available in frequent stores.

Bird catching is painful for the poor flying creatures
The bird catchers use harmful traditional methods to catch birds. They attach the birdlime and the sap of the Peepal tree and stick them on the poles to catch them. The birds have to battle severe injuries when the bird catchers use mist nets to catch them.

How can we help to stop this cruel trade?

We can stop buying birds and discourage people who involve in the trade. One can adopt willing pets like cats and dogs for accompanying them. You can educate people who catch and keep birds in cages. If birds are in cages for a long time, they forget to battle in their natural environment. If you find a bird in any difficulty contact the nearest wild-life conservative department.

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