Animals need freedom not cages

Wildlife Zoo -where humans are locked up into the cage.

Animals are born with freedom and not cages

Animals have feelings and no one has given rights to humans to captivate a species for their joy and profit. Animals need pure freedom to roam rather than keeping them in cages to prevent them from being extinct. It is the responsibility of a human to understand the concept of eco-system rather than destroying it for personal needs. We human beings are evils or the nightmares of the poor animals. We hunt them for our selfishness and greed. We capture them for our joy.

One of the popular author’s states that the only good things we can do to animals are releasing them from the cages and not kill them for our needs. They possess the right to roam in their natural habitat and not being captured inside a cage to live.

One should not affect an animal’s feelings?
The team of popular scientists researched the possessive feelings of the animals concluding that some of the wild animals are intelligent and smart just like us; they feel depressed and insecure when we captivate them.

Due to the explosive rise in population, raising and slaughtering of animals for food is increasing largely. The number of the circuses is increasing and so does the animals in it to fetch us joy and adding miseries to the poor speechless creatures.

As we go deeper, we can find only an increased number of miseries for speechless animals. The animals have to suffer harsh behavior at the human-controlled venues. The research laboratories are killing the animals in large numbers for human interests and studies. The human-controlled venues trick the welfare department by saying that, they provide the animal a better life. But the animals face a ruthless life and even may die in the venues due to depression or any other human factor.

We should respect the sentiments of animals?
The non-human creatures have sentiments which we humans exploit for our interest. Even though the welfare department has done a lot to safeguard them still they need additional care to provide them pleasure and not fear.

We humans should stop demanding needs from animal products. If we stop demanding then the poachers cannot hunt them. This will lead to a well-balanced eco-system.

The animals that are born in conservation end their lives there without knowing about their natural habitat only because of us. We all have to co-ordinate to promote a fear-free and freedom full environment for wild-animals welfare.

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