Modern Methods for Transporting Livestock

Livestock Carrier parking in a landscape and a flock of sheep standing beside that.

Transporting livestock isn’t a field filled with glamour and style. However, it is one of the driving forces in the agriculture industry and contributes substantially to it. Technology has affected all areas of existence and livestock transportation is not an exception to this. Use of the latest methods for loading of animals and optimum biosecurity has been among the significant developments in this field. Read on to find out more about the newest trends and the impact they have made.

Loading technology
The modern innovations in loading and unloading of animals have been among the primary reasons for reduced injuries. The use of ramps for the entry and exit of livestock from their trailers was one of the most frequent causes of broken bones and other mishaps.

Powerful cylinders with the ability to carry extremely heavy animals to the requisite height of the automobiles have made life convenient for transporters as well as livestock.

Fatigue during transportation always led to a depreciation in the quality of livestock’s meats. So, the latest trailers are designed to ensure the comfort of all animals. It is safe to say that they had a tremendously positive impact on the overall health of this industry.

Image Showing A Herd of cattle walking out of the truck into the meadow.

Diseases and biosecurity
Animals getting ill leading to considerably poor health was another problem till a couple of decades. However, the advent of biosecurity and the new practices to keep animals healthy during transportation has helped the cause.

Biosecurity helps not only in increasing profits of the traders but also in giving decent living conditions to livestock. Clean and sanitized trailers, along with experienced and trained staff for their maintenance, have become the norm with the most well-known companies involved in this business.

Technology such as baking bays has been prominent in ensuring optimum sanitization of trailers. Heating the van after it has been unloaded to extremely high temperatures kills all the unwanted viruses and bacteria. So, when animals are loaded again, they won’t fall ill.

Scientifically designed trailers have also played their part in the overall scheme of things. The newest ones are sturdy and robust in every way imaginable. However, specific products are made for livestock of different stages.

So, a trailer made for the transportation of cows shouldn’t be used for cows. Sophistication, science and accuracy are rarely used terms when it comes to animal transportation. However, if the present is any indicator of the future, this perception is definitely going to be changed.

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