Pros And Cons Of Keeping Wild Animals In Captivity

An Image of Brave Lion sitting and staring from the cage.

Educational Values Of Having Zoos

According to relevant surveys, it is evident that visiting zoos have educational merits for children. A trip to the zoo can improve and broaden the knowledge of students when it comes to the conservation of wildlife and science. Hence, it is apt to say that zoo trips can develop ideas in students in addition to bookish knowledge and classroom teaching. As you know, things that have advantages have some disadvantages too.

Are Animals Happy With Their Freedom Compromised?

Do you require zoos? After all who wants to be in cages? Everyone likes to be free so do animals. Yes, the contribution of zoos in conserving wildlife and saving a variety of species from getting extinct is substantial. However, centers that keep wild animals face various types of problems that adversely the welfare of wildlife.

An Image of Sad tiger starring from the cage in the dream of freedom.

Notable problems with zoos
Most zoos around the world are not spacious enough. It is because of the lack of space that animals are not allowed to move around freely. Moreover, the presence of visitors, medical procedures, health issues, and various diseases are some common challenges that animals face every other day. Also, most of the zoos are not appropriately maintained.

To maintain a good zoo, one must ensure that the animals live in a healthy environment. The wildlife conservation centers also allow visitors to have face-to-face encounters with the animals. The presence of humans near the animals may be unfamiliar, which enhances the stress level in them, which indirectly affects their welfare.

Maintenance is crucial
To help a zoo function properly, a substantial amount of funds is essential. However, most of the zoos do not have proper financial resources to ensure better health and the utmost care of the animals. Rather than pretending of having maintained zoos, it is better to eliminate zoos and have a few that are functioning well.

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