Travel and Transportation of Pets

Image showing the dog owners trying to comfort their dog which was inside the crate.

Whenever you think about taking your pets on long-distance journeys, you need to be ready for the ordeal. Many pets are not at all comfortable when it comes to handling these travels. So, before everything else, you must think about their convenience. If your pet is ill or old, then it might be a better idea to find a reliable boarding facility for them while you take the trip. But if you are not willing to consider this option, then you must follow the tips listed here.

Get a portable kennel
Living in hotel rooms can take a toll on your pets. So, if you buy a portable kennel and take it with you, it can make them feel comfortable and happy.

You should ensure that the hotel where you will stay allows pets on its premises. Yes, hotels across the world are getting pet-friendly, but many of them haven’t allowed pets even now. So, don’t take a risk and book suitable accommodation.

An Image of a man starring the dog which was inside the crate.

If you are going abroad, then the situation can get tricky if you don’t have a valid vaccination certificate. Many countries don’t permit the entry of pets without this mandatory document. So, take your pet to the vet and get all the necessary vaccination along with the relevant certificates.

ID Tags
No one wants to lose their pet on a trip. Hence, it is smarter to take all necessary steps to avoid such a situation. Putting an ID tag along with your address and other crucial details can help you find your pet even if they get lost. At times, the use of a microchip to trace location can be the best idea. These microchips will ensure that locating your pet is always a straightforward task.

Direct flights are best
At times, the patience of your pet can get the better of them if they get off a flight and then they have to board another one soon after. Use of connecting flight is never the smart way to take things forward, and you shouldn’t forget this at any point. Direct flights will always be your best bet to keep the journey smooth for yourself and your pet.

The laws
You should also get to know about the laws regarding flight travel of pets. You might be surprised to find out that pets below the age of two months aren’t allowed to be transported on domestic or international flights.

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