How to handle different types of animals with their changing moods?

Image showing a cute dog lying on a bed and starring somewhere.

Easy tips for safe handling of your pet

To handle an animal effectively, one has to focus on understanding the body language of the animal. It is important to visually analyze your pet to handle them easily and safely. There are various tools to optimize the management of an animal safely in different scenarios.

One needs to understand the body language of an animal before getting into any close contact. All animal express their mental state through body language. For example, cats and dogs. Cats show a prone position or sit in an upright manner exposing their belly when they are in a good mood while, dogs wag their tails and sniff around when they feel good.

Safety measures to follow while taking pets in and out of a cage

For pets like dogs and cats, the owners attach a lead or rope to their collars to avoid close contact while opening the cage. And when the owners return from their they put their pet back with the help of the same leash. Some animals become aggressive while moving into the cage. In such cases, the owners persuade the animal to get inside the cage by giving them a treat inside the cage. The owners are not encouraged to enter the cage until they are familiar with the animal. It is natural that sometimes the animals get agitated when someone enters into their private space.

Image showing multiple number of dog crates.

How to handle pets when they express different emotions

Fear in pets is common. And if a pet has dilated pupils with a sad face then it should be understood that it is nervous. In such situations it is advisable to not jump on to it as it may react with a bite. It is also not advisable to have direct eye contact which encourages fight hormone in pets. The situation will resolve when the pet is offered a treat and it accepts the same.

Use of tranquillizers or external assistance from people are adviced if a pet shows sign of aggression towards the owner. If the dog jumps onto the owner, he/ she is advised to use the hanging technique to calm the pet and move it softly inside its cage.

The sweetest pet can become the angriest one when it is in pain. When a pet is injured, it needs to be nourished back to health with gentle care and medical treatment. Pets have emotions and expressing them in a positive manner is the responsibility of a proud owner.

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