Do you need to grow animals in cages?

Image Showing A Tiger Held captive in a cage at the zoo.

Main reason to cage the animal

There are many endangered species like the rhinos and tigers killed for the sole commercial purposes. There have been many warnings and punishments from the government to save these animals. But it has fallen on deaf ears and the cold-blooded hunters still kill them for the sake of few dollars. So to save the lives of these endangered animals, they are kept safe in the cages. So speaking in practical terms, protecting them from being extinct, it is a good step to keep the animals in cage.

There are many parks and reserves in the mainland for the animals. Only a few animals are kept in cages, while others roam freely in the parks and reservoirs and they are also looked after in good and safe environment and conditions.

How to protect animals?

This is considered a practical way to protect endangered animals. The cage is also helpful to prevent accidents caused by humans and other animals. Many people visiting the parks, zoo and the reservoirs have no clue as how to treat the animals especially the small ones like the birds, squirrels and many more. When these species are caged, they are actually safe from the harm of other living beings.

Image Showing Poor Monkey Staying in the cage.

The cages not only protect the animals but also save humans from dangerous animals like tigers, lions, bears and more. Few people argue as the animals lose their natural instincts when being caged. This would not be a big problem if they are well fed and taken good care of.

Tips to protect animals in cages

The animals are caged for their protection, but one must not be selfish to use it for their profit in cases like the bears being caged to sell their acrimony for the purpose of traditional medicine.

It is a different situation in the case of pet animals and farm animals. One must not cage them unless they are dangerous to other beings. They should be left in their own free space and not force them to any confined place.

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