How to ensure the welfare of pigs during transport.

Image Represents the pig transportation concept.

The new tool that can help in pig welfare during transport

Pigs and other livestock are voyagers these days. They travel from one town to another, to slaughterhouses or for diary purposes. Even if we ensure safety during the loading, the risk of delivering the animal safely to the destination is high.

The new reference tool in the market can alert the transporter if the conditions while transporting the animals change. Many non-profit animal welfare organizations in the US suggests that the transporters have to pay additional attention to essential factors while transporting animals.

The increased efficiency in transporting animals presents interesting incidents. One such incident occurred in Ontario, Canada in 2015 when a lady transporter provided water to the pigs inside a truck, which lead to a massive traffic jam on a warm summer day. She was arrested for obstructing traffic and was released on bail after a few days. The lady was hailed as the star of the animal welfare by many.

Image Showing pigs staying in the cages during travel.

Latest technology trends to access for livestock transport

Advanced technologies help in minimizing man’s work. The new technologies related to animal welfare have great impact on the consignors and the transporters. A new patent from Canada can ensure animal safety more efficiently than ever. This tool comprises of a bio-security and geo-fencing tracer enabled with sensors that can provide alerts during unfavorable conditions.

The idea behind the development of the quick reference tool

This tool notifies the producer about the favorable condition of the chickens that can travel. Tim Nelson, who works at the poultry council in Canada, and one of the integral members of the developers of this tool, states that ‘the idea behind the tool was inspired when we noticed the toil of the farmers in nurturing the poultry going in vain because of the improper conditions of travel.’

Why monitoring tools are necessary during the travel?

Animals like pigs gets tensed when they travel for long distances and this anxiety can lead to heart attacks. So it is essential that a tool must monitor the safety of the livestock. The developers are also trying to create a tool that can alert the transporters about the impending danger. There are some special trucks in the market which carry the livestock in a flexible environment control. The research in redefining the temperature control for the cattle is a great boon for the producers as wells as the consumers. Technology is advancing towards achieving the safe transportation of animals

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