Building A Pet-Friendly Animal Shelter In Your Community

Not all animals are fortunate enough to be adopted by loving families. More often than not, many animals are condemned to live the life of an unwanted stray. Such animals, especially if and when they fall sick or become aged, require a place to stay. And, that is where the importance of well-built animal shelters comes into play.

There are different ideas on how an animal shelter should look like. The design aspects should meet the expectations of the community members or donors, as well as the requirements of the animals that will be housed there. When the donors enter the animal shelter building for a tour, the experience should be impressive. The animal shelter building has to be designed keeping a sense of well-being in mind. We have taken the assistance of several designers, some of whom have been working at prestigious architectural firms like Besten and JGMA, to design our facility. Our boarding and daycare facility for pets is designed in accordance with the guidelines specified by

There are lots of aspects taken into consideration while designing the shelter. Use of live plants, lighting, etc. encourages the chances of adoption. There are several considerations incorporated by the architect to give the community the best chance to succeed in the community. Some of the design considerations include how the animals are welcomed and sheltered, cleaning and disinfectant, sound control and attention to the guests. The architect must understand your vision, workflow, procedures and other psychological elements. The success rate of an animal shelter does not attribute to the attractiveness of the building alone. They go a step further and add other variables to plan a shelter with specialised needs.

Moving from a mere plan to actual process of building the animal shelter, is challenging. The community should be aware of the conditions prevailing at the animal shelter. Do not expect the community to be as compassionate as you are to the cause. Not everyone will have the same information as you possess. Most communities think that shelters have low adoption rates, higher pounding rates and pathetic conditions. But the truth is on the contrary.

A PetSamet charity survey shows that 42% of the population is aware of the overpopulation of pets in the country. 88% underestimate the pet numbers euthanised on an annual basis. Though the survey results have to be taken with a pinch of salt, the study cannot be ignored.

Animal shelter staff and volunteers take all the steps to save the animals by educating the community. Remember without the help of the community major changes do not happen. The best ways to improve community awareness is through gathering statistics and broadcast the facts through social media.

Free statistics and reports are available online, make use of them and give your community the much-needed awareness. You can also call upon the community leader to take a tour of the place to understand the conditions better. A regular broadcast on the local cable or social media channel or a YouTube video can help promote awareness better. It is the community leaders who can take the message to the community. Ensure you increase awareness and take all the support from the community to expand your animal shelter further. Showcase your vision for the future, and you are sure to attract the right audience for your cause.

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    The animal shelter staffs make use of social media to create awareness about saving animals among the public.

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