How cattle are transported by road?

Group of Cows walking into the tranporting truck.

Cattle are moved and hauled by rail, road, air, and sea for the purpose of fattening, breeding, and slathering. Transportation by road is considered more appropriate in term of economic importance of the cattle slathering.

Cattle transportation by road

It has been studied and proved that stuffing the animals in a compact place is hazardous and stressful. It also affects meat quality. It has also experimented that cattle chain transportation is dreadfully stressful on the moving vehicle. Imprisonment on a vehicle that is stationary, unloading and loading and new environment repining is relatively less stressful. Some particular things to notice is the behavior of the animal on a vehicle that is moving during the confinement period and the way animals respond to the space allowance variations, social regrouping, Pen size and movement of vehicle.

Image Showing Livestock Transportation By Road.

Risks and dangers behind cattle transportation by road

The most dangerous thing on a moving vehicle is the overloading of the animals. There is a great risk of animal injury and also it damages the meat and carcass quality. There are also other big influences on the welfare of the cattle at the time of road transportation are the stockmanship quality and driving care, finish and the structure of the accessories and stock crates and also the conditions of road. For instance many events when the cattle’s were floored during the transportation were caused by balance loss when cornering.

How to avoid or make cattle comfortable while road transportation?

Cattle transportation is mainly associated with quantifiable stress, but there should be no room for distress. The distress can be avoided by following the admissible rest periods when traveling for long hours and distance, considerate driving, taking good care of animals and with the help of perfectly designed pens, loading stock crates and ramps.

No matter what type of business you do with cattle, make sure you treat the animals with care and love, as they feel the same pain and sufferings like you.

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